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A post Doctor Strange MCU site. We are Comic / OC friendly.



We are am ever so slightly pre-Civil War roleplay. Our version of the MCu is open to all characters which will can reasonably assimilate into the framework and the narrative flow of our site storylines.

Our site launching point follows closely on the revised events of Marvel's The Winter Soldier with the InSite enabled helicarriers having been prevented from launching thanks to the team of Agent Hill, Agent Thirteen, the Black Widow, Captain America, Nick Fury, and in the Winter Soldier. The battle was contained within the hangers of the Triskelion and the size of the Hydra insurgency has been dramactically reduced leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. intact, but with a witch hunt going on for any possible remaining Hydra agents which remain a possible shadowy threat for some other day as we enter into a re-imaging of Captain America: CIVIL-WAR.

Below you will find links to several sections on subjects ranging from our version of the MCu's history, to how to make a character and begin getting involved. We know this can be a bit intimidating for some, we assure you that we are here to help you and as you being to make a character, you will see we have taken every step we can think of to help you to get ramped up fast, to make a character, and to begin posting and having fun! If you have a question, feel free to ask us via the site discord (community chat center), and unlike some sites, if you don't know, we want you to ask. If you can't find some piece of information, we want to know so that we can improve the site and help you and other to have the best experience possible. Thank you and we look forwards to hearing from you!


Our rules are very simple, we believe in the spirit of the rule over the wording; Be nice all. Be fair to all.
You can see our full rule-set here.


We have devised our on method for resolving character confrontations when handlers can not come to an understanding; The StatChain. Comprised of character stats, it is a 'chain' of your characters prime attributes, and can go eight steps deep until coming to the tie breaking stat; Whoever has the higher stat wins, case closed. You can also overbear if you win a contest conflict in two steps or your prime stat is twice that of your opponent.
You can read more about stats here.


Eschewing other system's PM tools, we have developed our own which allows users to when logged into communicate directly with one another if they have at least one approved character;
We also use DISCORD which is open to all.


Unlike other sites, we have a large set of premade characters ready for you to take the reigns of in an effort to help you get into play faster. You are welcome to massage the details and polish the characters finishes however you want so long as it still resembles the spirit of the character (We are an AU, so alterations to characters are acceptable). Likewise, original characters are also highly welcomed; Additionally, once you have passed first pass which is nothing more then the rough basics of your character, you can begin posting as them with the expectation that you will finish your character within two weeks, finishing by the end of the month (We only allow characters to being application in the first two weeks of any given month to manage the flow of reviews.
You can check character availabilities here.
You can place a request for a character here


No, nooooo, no. It has been our experience that most people who play villains, much like those who play heroes, do not want to lose. As such, staff handles all villain characters in this AU. They exist as tools within the storytellers toolbox to further character plotlines; Some are available for temporary checkout for small personal and group/team plotlines.


An NPC is any character, even one on loan to a handler who is not actually their chracter. Any NPC, even those on loan to a handler storyline are subject to the site storytellers - threadrunners acting as the go betweens.