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IT's The Spirit That Counts.


A Word About Apping

Like Douglas Adams once famously wrote, don't panic. We're here to help you and so long as you make a sincere attempt, we beleive that together we will get their. it's our job as we see it to help you, and that is what we are here for. If you have problems, ask us, but give us a reasonable amount of time to respond (24 hours).

Restricted or Banned

The following character types are currently restricted, requiring permission for play member(s) of senior staff, or outright banned for various reasons. If it is a canon ability of the character, please contact an admin for approval before posting your application; All villains are reserved by storytelling staff.


Characters who break the 4th wall (Deadpool is the exception)

  • FERALS: Characters like Wolfsbane and Catseye are acceptable, however the Man-Eating Cow (Yes that is a real comics character) are not. Chararcters ought to be able to engage with one another without the need of a handlers permit.
  • CLONES: Unless it's a pre-existing marvel character, no.
  • COPIES: No Wolvererers or Roguettes please. An Original character ought to be just that, original.
  • LONERS: When and were possible, we wish to shy away from this character type as it places all emphasis on character interaction on everyone else.
  • 4th WALL: Unless your Deadpool, and even then, only if you're talking to your handler, no, no, noooo, no.
  • SPIDERS: Aside from Ben Rielly, Jessica Drew, Miles Morales, and Spider-Man, the more recent additions to the Spider-family are restricted.
  • WOLVERINES: No additional tie-ins to Wolverine beyond Daken Akihiro, Jimmy Hudson, and Laura Kinney (x-23),


Our site allows for unlimited images to be used in character libraries, profiles and posts. The site largely takes care of size scaling. Where a specific size is necessary, it is noted in the image tool because honestly, having you come back to this page to check is just plain stupid. That said, standard images are 500x5500 pixels, the site will make your thumbnails from those images; You can upload your images directly to the site to eliminate the need for image hostign elsewhere; Again, having you host images elsewhere is stupid as the links might break.


Our rules on playbys are quite simple, so long as they bare no watermarks or registration marks, and are an appropriate representation of the character, then likely the image will be accepted. Please remember that images ought to be a representation of the character, not a Tinder ad (we have Mutinder for that - yes we have an online character dating tool for shits and giggles because we're silly that way.
You can check out Mutinder here.

Character Quick Start

Another thing which makes our site vastly different from others, is that we are someone analytically driven, given this fact we tend to notice and act on things in ways other sites won't. One example is our willingness to allow people to begin posting while they work on their application; As soon as your character has past first review which requires the following to be obtain "e;First Pass"e; you can jump in and begin posting: General info (Codename, Real Name, Height, Weight, rough over view of powers, which require mod approval to use until your application is finished). We believe that this is a better approach as you can use your first posts to get more of an idea of who your character is. We've found it to be very helpful for a lot of people. Yeah for analitically driven development eh?

Character Adoption

When adopting an pre-established cinematic character such as the Wasp or Agent Coulson, please be as faithful to the character as possible in terms of history and events. When adapting a character from the comics vs, consider there powers in proportion to those of those already in play in the MCu - cinematic characters tend to be very stripped down compared to their comicbook counterparts; Think Blackbolt, the Scarlet Witch, and War machine for examples.

When adopting a character who has been actively played, you are not bound to honor there prior histr, period. We use a hyper continuitity apprach to story here which means that while events happened, who and how are always in flux. Why sdo we do this? Because handlers come and go, people join and drop, and it doesn't seem fair to new members to place the burdon or unknow history on them. That said, the staff may ask for some parts of the prior character to be kept in the new adaption of them such as honoring other characters circumstances related to them; If aunt may died and a new handler picks up Spider-Man, aunt May is still dead - (unless a storyline is placed into play torevise such matters; stroylines like this are subject to staff approval).

Character Review

When you begin working on a character, the status is initially set to developing, when you are ready for a review, set the character status to pending. This will automatically notify staff that your character is ready for review, and inserts it into the review cue based on when it was submitted; no one can skip the line. If their are changes requested, they will appear on your character sheet and be visible to you and staff, via in 'Edit Mode'.

We try to turn around all applications in 24 hours or less. Once a character has been reviewed, please make the edits within three days if possible. All applications will be either accepted, have change requests, or denied. If an application has changes requested, they will be noted in on the character sheet and visible to you when in edit mode (no need for PMs or anything else, everything is on your sheet because any other way is tedious and requires you to have more then one window open - which again, is stupid. When the application is ready for re-review, set it back to review, and the site will handle everything else including notifying staff so you don't have too. This process will continue until either the application is accepted or rejected.

What We Are Looking For

An interpetition of the character which is compelling if original, and faithful to the spirit of the character if it is an adaption. Simply put, we want characters that members can engage with and interact with. Racebending, genderbending, and changes of canon sexuality, etc. are not allowed for any major canon character. Again, it's the spirit of the character we are looking for.

Reasons for Rejections

You wrote a war and peace, we aren't going to read it, just reject it. You took the wiki as gospel; Wiki's are a good place to start, but often they have a lot of misinformation. If you have questions, ask us, were into researching here and will help you as best we can. The Playby doesn't bare any likeness to the character (and while we will always accept Meryl Streep for anyone because she is Meryl Streep and can do anything - we expect the roleplay choice to be the equal of Streep.)