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All the basics to getting started


First & Foremost,

Read. We don't expect you to read all of our guides, but if you do, you'll likely have a much easier time jumping in the story. That said, all of our tools have many helpful hints and instructions to help youalong the way towards making your first character AND crafting their first posts and replies. We've tried to make everything as easy and intuitive as possible for you to interact with us in-character and out-of-character. There are many placeholders in the text inputs to help you figure out what sort of data to enter into them, just as their are often notes on what to post just below them. These cause the forms to be a little on the longside, but they will help a lot, and after a first read, likely will solve your questions. If your still confused, ask us and we' try to answer or clarify the answer for you as best we can.


If you've registered already with the MCu, you can skip this paragraph, if you haven't, here's how to register, and what it means to do so.

  • Joining: There are three methods by which you can join the MCu:
    1. Request Form: Request membership via the login button.
    2. Message Form: Send a membership request via the general contact form.
    3. Discord: Join our Discord and ask one of the staff to help you set up an account. To do so you will need to join our Discord.


Once you have an active membership, login, the site will automatically direct you to your membership profile, please fill this out. Until it is filled out, you will be unable to access any other parts of the site — This is because we want to know a little bit about you, and don't wish to continually nag you to do so.


You can request a character in one of several ways. First, when you register for membership, there is an automatic action to request a character, this is the recommeneded way for new members. Secondly, you can join the site discord and reach out to one of the admins

Suggested: Read Site Guides

We have created several site guides to help new and existing members alike which we highly recommend reading with the hopes that they will answer any questions you have, inform you of the world that we are crafting, and suggest addition ideas and options to you that you might not otherwise consider.

Current Guides

  • About: The general look, feel, expectation, and purpose of Marvel-Champions.
  • Characters: How to make a character and what we expect of a character.
  • History: The shared universe inwhich all of our characters live.
  • Posting: The Do's and don'ts of creating a post or thread.
  • QuickStart: How to get into game fast.
  • Rules: What is and isn' ok on Marvel-Champions
  • Story: An overview of site plots, story, and direction.