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Keeping the fighing in-character,
celebrate out-of-character.


Rules Overview

A Post Civil-War/Dr. Strange roleplay, Marvel Champions believes in the spirit of the rules over the wording of the rules. This is to prevent attempts at rules lawyering anything. And whenever anything is indoubt, contact a member of senior staff for clarifications - we are always here to help as best we can.


MCu is 3-3-3, meaning that sex, violence, swearing, whatever, it's all approved. And while we are 3-3-3, we still try to respect the limits and comfortzones of others, so please check character waivers when possible, and to those who are more sensitve to certain things, pay attention to the thread ratings, they are thier for a reason.

  • RESPECT: Respect everyone, we're all humans using our free time to write about an interactive, fictional universe that we all hopefully love. For more information on decent human behavior see Wheaton's Law.
  • MATURE (3/3/3): Marvel Champions is a site for mature members. The site is rated: 3/3/3, meaning that on MCu, you will find explicit language, violence, and sexual situations. can and will be written, Members are 18 years or older to the best of our knowledge, the characters may not be..
  • WRITING: While we reference this point in several places, for a post to count, it must be at least 250 words. We don't consider ourselves to be an 'intermediate to advanced' site, to be honest we aren't even sure what one is as it seems like every site claims to be an intermediate to advanced text-based role-play. What we are is a group of people trying to lift each other up, and to work harmoniously together to write as well as we can (again, see Wheaton's Law), to the best of our abilities within a general site of guidelines: Posts must be 250+ words to count towards minimum weekly quotas (Activity checks), and should be spellchecked and proof-read, and written in the 'Third Person'.
  • GOD MODDING: No, no, noooo, no The act of speaking or acting for another's character without expressed permission, known as God Modding is considered one of the highest forms of roleplay crime. No one likes it, Don't do it.

    We also don't want to see characters that are perfect and unaffected with failure or weakness — their boring. Now that said, we do use the stat-chain method here for conflict resolution. That means that if Mary Jane Watson comes up against QuickSilver, and she tries to hit him, he will evade here all the long live day and all the long lived night and then some, why? Mary-Jane isn't a ninja, even if she were, Quicksilver' STATS exceed hers vastly. End of story. If he attempts to hit her, he will, end of story. Again, that said, please don't abuse this system. The intention of the STAT CHAIN is to empower our handlers (Writers) so they can write their characters without the need to confirm every detail with other handlers and mods(see the character waiver if you have any concerns about violating another handler's rights.

    When in doubt, check the character waiver - this is to be respected at all times. Remember Wheaton's Law).
  • CANON ONLY? NOPE. While MCu is inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are not married to it at the hip as they say. We are an AU (Alternative Universe) with an adapted timeline We accept both Established characters, also referred to as canonical characters, or featured characters AND original characters. Additionally, we also allow for characters to be revised/altered in various manners so long as they still resemble the character enough that they are easily recognized as the character.

    Example: Spider-Man might be gay, but he isn't a woman — it's literally in his name. And while the Vision could be adapted into a female character, ask your self why first? We will, why? Because Viv Vision exists and is available here.
  • RECAP: Don't Be A DICK. See Wheaton's Law.


MCu is 3-3-3, meaning that sex, violence, swearing, whatever, it's all approved. And while we are 3-3-3, we still try to respect the limits and comfortzones of others, so please check character waivers when possible, and to those who are more sensitve to certain things, pay attention to the thread ratings, they are thier for a reason.

If you do opt to join, please register as yourself, NOT your character. Once you have done that, you can create a character internally, which you will handle through your main account - this eliminates the need for account switching and wondering who plays which character, it eases the paths of communication between members as you communicate with one another OOCly rather then trying through various linked accounts. These are but some of the reasons that our system is set up so that you must use your email to login with - and again, it also simplifies things.

Applying for a character

While we are MCU based, we will accept most canon characters from other Marvel properties that can be adapted to fit our setting. Check the canon list to be sure your character isn’t there first. You will also want to check out our restricted character types.


Eschewing other system's PM tools, we have developed our own which allows users to when logged into communicate directly with one another if they have at least one approved character; We also use DISCORD which is open to all.


Unlike other sites, we have a large set of premade characters ready for you to take the reigns of in an effort to help you get into play faster. You are welcome to massage the details and polish the characters finishes however you want so long as it still resembles the spirit of the character (We are an AU, so alterations to characters are acceptable). Likewise, original characters are also highly welcomed.


No, nooooo, no. It has been our experience that most people who play villains, much like those who play heroes, do not want to lose. As such, staff handles all villain characters in this AU. They exist as tools within the storytellers toolbox to further character plotlines; Some are available for temporary checkout for small personal and group/team plotlines.


An NPC is any character, even one on loan to a handler who is not actually their chracter. Any NPC, even those on loan to a handler storyline are subject to the site storytellers - threadrunners acting as the go betweens.


The Cbox is provided for friendly, respectful interaction between members of Marvel Champions and those interested in MCu. All conversation within the C-box is considered to be OOC in nature, and generally only to be used when helping guests or if you owe no posts. Members with questions are encouraged to ask them via email or DISCORD. Guests are also welcome to join our DISCORD. While we don't always maintain one as we have an ongoing debate regarding if it is or is not a distraction from posting, when active, we have a set of rules for governing conduct within the cbox and what is and or is not considered appropriate.

Caling the C-Box

If the C-box is active, is can be called by clicking the double word ballon icon which rests in the black ribbon that runs up the left of user viewport.

  • OOC ONLY: ALL Communication — should be respectful and sarcasm free. All are welcomed here and should be made to feel welcome.

  • DON't:

    • Being Disrespect
    • Gossiping
    • Making Slurs and false accusations.
    • Harassment
    • Spamming, and Advertising.
    • Bieng a jerk in general.

  • Plotting: Please don't — The C-Box is not the place members to plot and or spitball plot ideas. When you wish to plot, please make user of profile plotters, email, Discord, and other such non C-Box means of communication.

  • IC COMMUNICATION: Please don't — Again, while it's already been stated prior, this is not the place for In-Character conversations. The C-Box is strictly OOC and meant to stay that way.


Ok, the two things which differentiate how activity checks are handed on MCu is that we use a rolling 30 day average and that you are not expected to do anything, our site software handles everything. If you are curious about the current posting activty either for one of your characters, or another, you can click here to see all current totals. The activity reported is based on the last 30 days as of up to that moment, not based on the current month. So it it is the 15th of July, you would see the totals for each character with an assigned handler ranging from June 15th, to July fifteenth; This is handled programmatically for you. MCu maintains a constant rolling 30 day average regarding activity, which means that we are always in "Activty Check&qhot; mode. If you should fail to maintain proper activity (four posts per month per character), the site will automatically, programmatically disconnect the account form you and the character will become available to all for application aside from yourself for a period of thirty days; Staff canont override this process.

If for any reason you should be unable to post on MCu you can set your your user status accordingly, and exampt yourself from the rolling activity check for upto a month. However if you are found to be posting elsewhere during this time, your characters maybe opened for adoption to all for application to all; The LOA policy is a courtesy extending to you and should be respected, not abused.