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General World Overview of where things stand and how we got here.


First & Foremost,

In Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, Political pressure mounted forcing the questionable ratification of the Sokovia Accords, a system of protocals and accountability dictating when and where the actions of characters such as the Avengers can or cannot take action. The new status quo deeply divided the metahuman community. Captain America believes that the civil liberties of the unitied states as it stood should still extend to all meta-humans, that they should all effectively remain free to defend themselves and humanity without government interference and oversight. Iron Man, fueled by his many mistakes such as creating Ultron sharply disagrees and supports oversight. Utlimately the debate escalates into an all-out feud between the two factions.

That is what happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), here on Marvel-Champions (MCu), we are going to take a step back to look at how things came to be, to see if things might have gone another way, could the heroes have stopped the ratification, was it inevitable, could other powerbrokers have emerged to interget their own agendas into the conversation that lead to the ratification, and then follow those actions through to the stories which will inevitable come.

The ratification of the coming Sovovia Accords by the United Nations threaten not only to divided the superhero community as we know it, but also to redefine it and the world as we know it. Some hope for this ratification. Some fear the passing of this event. One person plans to make this event their bitch.

One half following Captain America into the shadows where they continue to fight the good fight while trying to avoid having their hands stayed by the inevitable behind-the-scenes politics of 'Big Brother'; On the other side, motivated by personel encounter with Miriam Sharpe, a mother who lost her son to the during the Battle of Sokovia.Confronting Stark for his past sins, Tony Stark rethinks his views on the superhero community, eventually signing the Sokovia Accords and in the process signs away the the Avengers anonymity.


A collection of super-powered individuals brought together initially by the covert actions of S.H.I.E.L.D.; They have saved the world several times over and looked good doing it. Thier actions have also brought the world to the edge. They are sanctioned by the Unitied Nations as a peace-keeping task force, answerable only to the U.N.s.

Defenders (street level)

Heroes of the streets, the defenders are out to keep the little guy safe while letting the big guns handle world catastrophes

Sentinel Services

Sentinel Services are a division of Homeland Security and authorized by he department to investigate mutant occurrences. There mandate was to assist federal agents in the aprehension of dangerous mutant. They were originally just there as technical advisors but over the years due to the increase threat to agents in the field; they have broadened their action plans to include all mutant contact not just dangerous occurrences.


Once a large peace keeping force, they lay fractured, supsected by all, trusted by few.

With the tale end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier having been revised, S.H.I.E.L.D remains the respected Peace Keeping Force that it originally was as showcased during phase one. The Attempted Hydra Insurgence was largely kept a secret with the battle for the control of the Insite enabled Helicarriers having been contained within the original hanger bays beneath the Triskellion. All episode 16 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are considered null and void. Characters from those episodes exist, but many of the events inwhich they appeared have been revised to reflect Marvel Champions reimagining of the MCu.


A secretive sect of meta-powered beings, little is know of these mysterious peoples; They are exceptionally entitled and hold themselves as being superior to most. They descendants whose ancient anciesters were originally expirmented on or had some personal itneraction with the Kree which causes a unique genetic mutation in the dna causing someone to have experience a genetic expression to be manifested.

Inhumans are typically very powerful, but their appearances are often exagerated, or other worldly bordering on the grotesk. They gain their abilities through exposure during terrigenesis - exposure to , caused by the fracturing of a terrigen crystal during a sacred inhuman ritual; Terigen is lethal to non-inhumans. and are descendants of ancient humans that were experimented on by kree.

NOTE: We wanted to include the events from the Inhuman TV series, but it was just sooooo bad. So....

Legacies (the kids are alright)

The Champions, the Runaways, the Young Allies, and the Young Avengers, all of them inspired by the likes of the Avengers and motivated by their unbridled hope, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude, they have joined the NeXT Initiative which is overseen by the Avengers Initiative; Most of them live and go to school at the Avengers Training Facilities in upper state New York.

X-Men (mutants)

The would is currently undergoing a startling evolutionary step forward with beings of immense power starting to appear across the globe. At first these occurances were considered to be unique isolated events such as Captain America, Hawkeye, or the Iron man. They were beings whose existance could be explained and understood, even admired. But not so with the homo sapien superior, the mutants. While some admire them, most fear and distrust them for their inherent &quo;otherness&quo;. Some scientists have even, fearfully, reasoned that the growing mutant population represents an extinction level event for the human race, just as the appearance of Homo Sapien Sapien heralded the death nail for Cromagnum Man feared.

While typically not as powerful as an Inhumans, mutants powers manifest naturally during puberty, or during a high stress/traumatic moment later in thier lives. They are typically far more durable then human beings, and typically possess an above average appearance and intelligence which gives them a natural evolutionary advantage that could spell the end of the human race as soon as four generations.

The X-Teams represent a faction of mutants who have come to embrace the philosphy of Professor Charles Francis Xavier, AKA Prof X; Unlike the Avengers, they share no sanctions, choosing to operate from the shadows in regards to concerns and or matters related to homo sapien superior (mutants).