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Your character & Merits

A merit or 'advantage', is a condition or circumstance which somehow works in favor of your character so as to increase their chance of success within the context of the story. To put it another way, a merit is something which aids the character in a situation, and thus that increases the chance for success. Merits come in several catagories ranging from Attactive to Mindful to Worthy.

Using the merit categories you will be taken to many possible descriptions of various merits and disadvantages available to the character catagorized in to easily digestable bits. To view a catagory, either click on the links above to open one of the catagory containers, OR simply click on the 'plus' symbol attached to the catagory you wish to explore. Only one catagory can be open at a time. To close a catagory, click on another. Enjoy.


Below are all the merit catagories, click on any one of them to see our generic writeups which you are welcomed to use as starting points for your own character's merits.